EVAN Archive Member Access

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The EVAN ARCHIVE is a platform to share digital data of specimens. It was created for researchers who work with 3D volume and surface data of skulls, faces, and post-cranial elements. The collection comprises mostly Computed Tomography (CT) scans and surface scans of primates and some other mammals. There are also some fossil specimens accessible.

We use NESPOS as database engine to store and retrieve data. There is an EVAN Member Space, accessible only for members of the EVAN-Society, and an EVAN Open Space that other NESPOS users can access as well (see the chart below).

If you use data from the EVAN Archive for your research, please acknowledge the EVAN Archive in the appropriate section of your publication !


Use these credentials to login on NESPOS to access the EVAN Archive:
Username: EVAN-Society
Password: baszta12

The structure of NESPOS is complex as it was built to handle not only specimen data but also sites and references. You may probably want to read the help text of NESPOS in advance before switching to the server.

If you need further assistance with the EVAN Archive, email support is available by contacting