EVAN-Society Membership Signup and Renewal

EVAN-Society Membership Signup and Renewal

BECOME AN EVAN-Society Member

Become an EVAN Society Member

As an associated EVAN-Society Member you will receive full access to its benefits such as the updated components of the EVAN Toolkit, the EVAN Archive, documentation, discussion board, and meetings.

Regular fees for individuals are € 100 per year (€ 250 for 3 years). For institutions (includes 10 memberships) the yearly membership fee is € 500 (€ 1250.00 for 3 years).


Payment Options:

Through our website we offer two payment options:
Credit Card via PayPal
Credit card via Paypal
via manual banktransfer
via manual banktransfer.
For both options please fill out the form below,
for those who want to pay via Bank Transfer, please check the bank transfer option.
An invoice will be send to your e-mail address.


Membership Levels and Fees

Please select the appropriate membership level below. You will have a chance to review your selection and the corresponding fees on the next page prior to your payment.

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